[Arcana] Ahh.

Roland McGrath roland at frob.com
Thu Mar 1 17:54:52 CST 2007

> Maybe we should have glimpse.el instead, then.

There is one.

;;; LCD Archive Entry:
;;; glimpse|Alan Shutko|ats at acm.org
;;; |Interface to glimpse

> How do you use glimpse to find definitions?  Just regexp searches
> anchored with ^?  How does that do for #definitions that may have
> spaces in various places, enum tags, and the like?

I just M-x glimpse for the symbol and then search around in the results
buffer before hitting C-c C-c.  Sometimes I use M-x keep-lines or M-x
flush-lines before C-u C-x `.  It's insane.  I don't think glimpse is even
supported any more.

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