[Arcana] what is 'no gnus 0.6'?

David Carlton carlton at bactrian.org
Fri Aug 8 22:56:01 CDT 2008

On Fri, 08 Aug 2008 22:10:06 -0400, Karl Fogel <kfogel at red-bean.com> said:

> You want to run Gnus on sp, instead of on your local machine?  That's
> surprising; I'm curious why!

Normally I read my personal e-mail from home with nnmail+imap, and
from work with nnimap.  I'm about to go on vacation, and am in the
middle of some e-mail conversations; I won't have access to my work
machine there, and while I probably will have access to my home
machine, the router occasionally goes on the fritz.

So I figure I should have the ability to read e-mail from sp.  Of
course, 'less' does that, so maybe I should say: read and reply in a
threaded manner.

Hmm, now that I think about it, maybe I should just install Gnus on my
laptop, shouldn't I?  Gnus everywhere!

> I get the feeling that "No Gnus" is just Lars Mange Ingebrigtsen's sense
> of humor getting the better of him, and is a code name for the next
> release.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnus seems to confirm this:

>    "The current development version which will be released as Gnus 5.12
>     was begun on Jan 4, 2004 and is called No Gnus."

Cool, thanks!

> I just run Emacs from the its CVS trunk.  Gnus is included there, so
> there's no separate package to install.

Huh, interesting - was he willing to assign copyright to the FSF, or
does the FSF now allow redistribution of non-copyright-assigned elisp?
(Hmm, maybe I'm confusing him with the vm author.  But Gnus wasn't
alway distributed with FSF Emacs, was it?)

David Carlton
carlton at bactrian.org

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