[Arcana] yank-pop navigation

Roland McGrath roland at frob.com
Fri Dec 19 01:26:09 CST 2008

> You'll never, ever know whether I actually read that.

I never do.

> But, are you saying that even if yank-match is rewritten to set
> kill-ring-yank-pointer instead of modifying kill-ring itself, it will
> still not be right?

Not at all.  It could be just what I was looking for when I opened the
thread.  It's hard not to think the proper function would be called
yank-pop-to-match.  I'm not sure how it would manage to do both the
things that are needed for it to feel right.  It would seem to require
that this-command (last-command) be both yank and yank-pop-to-match at
the same time.

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