[Arcana] problems with <deletechar>?

Karl Fogel kfogel at red-bean.com
Thu Dec 25 00:57:22 CST 2008

David Carlton <carlton at bactrian.org> writes:
> I recently upgraded to a GNU Emacs snapshot (on Linux), and when logging
> in from a Mac terminal, I've found that the key labelled 'delete' no
> longer does what I want - Emacs seems to think it's something called
> <deletechar> (rather than, say, DEL), and the bindings are all wrong.
> (Forward rather than backward.)
> So far I've figured out how to global-set-key that key to run
> delete-backward-char rather than delete-char, but that doesn't handle,
> say, M-delete, or typing the key in the middle of an I-search.  Is there
> any way to convince Emacs to treat that key as being the same as DEL in
> all contexts, so I get all the goodness I expect?  (I don't even know
> what the terminal and Emacs are doing to conspire to get Emacs to label
> the keystroke as <deletechar>.)  The manual suggests that
> (normal-erase-is-backspace-mode 0) might do the trick, but it doesn't
> have any effect for me.
> For what it's worth, $TERM is xterm-color, and C-q<delete> inserts ^?.

What command did you run to determine that it's called "<deletechar>"?
Was it "C-h k"?  When I run "C-h k DEL", I get

  | DEL (translated from <backspace>) runs the command
  | delete-backward-char, which is an interactive built-in function in
  | `C source code'.
  | It is bound to DEL.

What do you get?

I can't figure out what syntax to use to get 'keyboard-translate' to
translate something called "<deletechar>" to ^?, unfortunately.  But
that's where I was looking.


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