[Arcana] emacs file encoding question, plus a bonus question

David Carlton carlton at bactrian.org
Sun Jun 1 22:13:03 CDT 2008

Another problem with my XEmacs->GNU Emacs switch: every time I save my
.bbdb file, I get a complaint about a coding mismatch.  (One coding
mentioned was mule-utf-8, the other was iso-2022-7bit.)  Looking in
the file, I saw:

;; -*-coding: iso-2022-7bit;-*-

Thinking about it a bit, I decided that upgrading from a 7bit coding
to UTF8 should be safe.  But I couldn't get the save to not complain:
it said something about coding cookies, which I didn't know anything
about, editing the aforementioned line didn't help, and setting
buffer-file-coding-system didn't help.

Anybody run into this and deal with it successfully?  Googlng it
suggests that I'm not the only person seeing this problem, but I
didn't see any clear answers.  Yes, I should probably just download
the current version of the source for BBDB and go in and change it
manually; I went partway down that road, far enough to decide that
BBDB was being pigheadedly and incorrectly insistent on the matter and
that I wasn't thrilled with the coding infrastructure, and that it was
more annoying than normal to fix by just fiddling with my .emacs file.
(But I haven't given up hope on the latter route, hence this e-mail.)

Another question (which isn't related to my XEmacs->GNU Emacs switch,
but which has been bugging me for a while): say I do C-y M-y M-y M-y.
Then I type some more, then do C-y again.  What I wish would happen is
that the same text was inserted that was inserted the first time I did
C-y; in fact, though the text from my last M-y was inserted.

I guess I can do something like C-y C-u-3M-y; I don't suppose there's
a way to get the kill ring to reset like I want, is there?

David Carlton
carlton at bactrian.org

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