[Arcana] function aliases in emacs

David Carlton carlton at bactrian.org
Sun Jun 15 23:19:06 CDT 2008

Possibly stupid question: what's the best way to define one function
to be the alias of another function in Emacs?

The reason why I ask is that M-x browse, in GNU Emacs, has several
completions, but I always want browse-url.  So I thought I'd make
browse an alias for browse-url.  At first I was going to make it a
simple defun forwarding to the other function, but then the
interactive spec tripped me up, because browse-url fills in a default
value for you.

Presumably I could figure out how to get my wrapper function to do the
same thing, but is there a simpler way to create a function that's
just an alias to another function, including handling all the
interactive stuff?

David Carlton
carlton at bactrian.org

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