[Arcana] favorite html mode in GNU Emacs?

Karl Fogel kfogel at red-bean.com
Sun Jun 1 22:10:51 CDT 2008

David Carlton <carlton at bactrian.org> writes:
> I recently switched from XEmacs to GNU Emacs, and I'm editing HTML for
> the first time since the switch.  What HTML mode do people use these
> days with GNU Emacs?  I _think_ I used html-helper-mode in XEmacs, but
> I'm not at all sure; the main thing that I'm finding annoying so far
> about the HTML mode that GNU Emacs is using by default is that it
> doesn't automatically populate new HTML files with a template.  (I
> think I miss the automatic "Last modified" hooks, but maybe those are
> an inappropriate vestige of an earlier web.)
> Recommendations?

I don't use any HTML mode when writing HTML in GNU Emacs.  I do have
some helpers in http://svn.red-bean.com/repos/kfogel/trunk/.emacs, such
as `kf-surround-with-char', that automate common tasks, but I'm just
using text-mode or whatever as my major mode.

If you could list the things you used to get (that you liked) from
`html-helper-mode' in XEmacs, that might help.  Just populating a new
.html file with a template ought to be pretty easy (assuming "C-x i"
isn't easy enough already).


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