[Arcana] the travelling salesman problem solved!

Jim Blandy jimb at red-bean.com
Fri Mar 21 15:47:01 CDT 2008

I liked the image title on 399, too (the text you see if you hover
over the image in Firefox; I have to 'view source' to see the whole

> "dammit, emacs!"

I've become the Emacs guru at Mozilla.  People ask me for advice
writing custom modes for sublanguages of JavaScript.  I've managed to
score several "Dammit, Emacs!" moments.  :)

I'm kind of concerned about Emacs's lack of support for sophisticated
code analysis.  I'm told the Microsoft tools are a whole generation
ahead in this regard.  What could people do with Emacs Lisp if Emacs
really understood the code it was looking at?  Automatic function
argument help?  Structure member name completion?  Static checks for
satisfied coding conventions?

I'd also like to replace Emacs's display code with Mozilla's
gecko/SVG/etc. rendering code.

And in my fourth lifetime, I'll...

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