[Arcana] More Emacs love.

Aaron S. Hawley aaron.s.hawley at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 13:00:45 CDT 2012

> In my personal mentiverse, I think I classify spelling errors and typos
> as unrelated phenomena.  The former is "I'm not sure how to spell this
> word" while the latter is "my fingers stumbled".  Since in practice I'm
> using this command to fix up after finger stumbles, not to test
> hypotheses about spelling (I use ispell for that), it never occurred to
> me that a thing called "flyspell" might be useful for that problem.

I brought up flyspell-prog-mode and forgot to mention that your
transposition tool is a good solution for code where spell checking
can't offer anything for the many identifiers and jargon hackers use
that aren't in dictionaries.  Local dictionaries help, but the better
solution would use completion like Etags and CEDET Semantic or be
dynamic like Dabbrev Expand and Hippie Expand.

> [1] Mistyped that too: "flysplel".  Running C-; immediately after it
>     didn't fix it -- it gave me "flyspeck" instead.

Case in point.

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