[Arcana] More Emacs love.

Karl Fogel kfogel at red-bean.com
Wed Jul 25 15:51:56 CDT 2012

"Aaron S. Hawley" <aaron.s.hawley at gmail.com> writes:
>I brought up flyspell-prog-mode and forgot to mention that your
>transposition tool is a good solution for code where spell checking
>can't offer anything for the many identifiers and jargon hackers use
>that aren't in dictionaries.  Local dictionaries help, but the better
>solution would use completion like Etags and CEDET Semantic or be
>dynamic like Dabbrev Expand and Hippie Expand.

Well, yes, but I think that's focusing on only one part of the problem.
All of those are basically about getting the dictionary right -- the
list of potentially acceptable candidates.  Fair enough.  Without the
right super-dictionary, one can't offer the user the right choices.

But *how* one offers the choices, the exact UI, is equally important.  

I didn't like the amount of oddly-placed visual distraction flyspell
threw at me, given the simplicity of the problem and its localization to
a very tiny portion of the buffer.  If one starts with the philosophy
that the user knows what word they're going for, and will recognize it
on sight, then one should generally try to keep their eyes aimed
squarely at the narrow problem area and just cycle through the options.
Only if that sequence of options is likely to be very long should one
trade time/keystrokes for visual space.

(Things would be different if this were a tiny Android-device keyboard
and keystrokes cost a lot, of course.) 


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