[Arcana] More Emacs love.

Karl Fogel kfogel at red-bean.com
Sat Jul 28 14:35:19 CDT 2012

Roland McGrath <roland at frob.com> writes:
>Someone asked me what I thought of the new-style gdb-mode interface (I
>think it came in with 23?).  I instantly replied that I couldn't stand it
>and upon first upgrading to the Emacs version that visited it upon me, I
>went to all necessary pains to defang that crap and get back my traditional
>old gdb-mode behavior.  All I want is source location pop-to-buffer and C-x
>SPC to work and the rest I'll do with normal gdb commands (I can't think of
>a single gdb-mode key binding that I ever actually use, beyond the common
>comint stuff).  The guy who asked said the new stuff is miles better for
>him and he loves it.  It so happens this seasoned Emacs hacker is blind.
>(He's the second blind hacker I've known, and they are both devoted Emacs
>users, for whatever that's worth).  It's extremely useful to him that all
>the output is sliced up into different pieces displayed in different places
>and with different colorization properties, because in the world he's using
>he configures things to set the 'inaudible text property and this drives
>his "talking Emacs" not to waste time speaking all the uninteresting text.
>For me, having it all just together in a single buffer, and monochrome at
>that, is just so much visual clutter that I have many years ago learned to
>sort out and scan through unconsciously.  So even among serious elisp
>hackers of many many years, I am not so representative a user.

Hey -- was that T.V. Raman?  Tell him I said hi.

>That really drove home to me the point that I don't even know how to think
>about UI in any ways that aren't extremely parochial.

The nice thing about my tradeoffs kick is that it applies perfectly
here [he pontificated...].

*No one* knows how to think about UI in ways that aren't parochial
(after all, would it work for a dolphin?).  But that's okay.  The trick
is to admit it and be explicit about which subsets of total possible
userdom you're addressing.  You can't get them all, so you might as well
decide on purpose who gets served and who doesn't.


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