[Lispweb] mod_lisp ?

Alexander Taranov tay at jet.msk.su
Tue Jul 18 07:58:17 CDT 2000

arvidg at regina.uio.no (Arvid Grøtting) writes:

> "Nic Ferrier" <nferrier at tapsellferrier.co.uk> writes:


> > 
> > The problem could be solved by some sort of convention but arbritary
> > conventions are what I am trying to avoid  /8->
> Wouldn't it be natural to use the XML conventions for that, i.e.
>         <sometag someattrib="(f &quot;string&quot;)"/>
> (which isn't pretty, but it could at least be part of a well-formed
> XML document)?

Agreed and even more:
	<some-other-tag attrib="(list-&gt;string some-char-list)">

Or as SUN proposews in JSP spec:
        <some-other-tag attrib="(list->string some-char-list)">

To me both solutions is quite ugly. This has nothing to do with 
usability -- IMHO perl is very ugly and very usable (at least
to majority).

Lisp world is lucky in that we have same 
representation for programs and data. This is not the case with
html/xml and any program language.
So in my opinion all attempts to have representation
layer and program layer in _one file_ will not 
The only (non standard unfortunately) way
to have the best of both worlds
is to invent lispish markup language.

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