[Lispweb] Need help with IMHO setup

Eugene Zaikonnikov viking at cit.org.by
Fri Jul 21 13:48:40 CDT 2000


Recently I downloaded IMHO package just out of curiosity. I describe
below my experience buidling and running it, in hope that someone will
help me.

Surprisingly, it is impossible to successfuly run IMHO just by
following given instructions (as described in INSTALL).
At first, all entries of IMO in the file must be replaced to IMHO :)
At second, the document suggests to mount IMHO process this way:
ApJServMount /imo ajpv12://localhost:3000 ,
while IMHO assembled out-of-tarball will expect connections to port
So one must either change that line to:
ApJServMount /imho ajpv12://localhost:8007 ,
or set *lisp-server-port* variable (in server.lisp) to 3000.
Then, I was unable to buid the system just by symlinking IMHO.system
into directory listed in mk:*central-registry*, so I inserted absolute
path to the package into the system definition and all went OK.
Finally I ran IMHO with 'hello-world' example from the documentation,
but it fails to parse namestring when looking up hello-world.js. It
throws out the following:

An error occurred during processing:
Parse error in namestring: Illegal character for logical pathname:

Obviously, it refuses to work with the default path. I found though
:script-root argument for defapplication, but it's not clear what
should I feed there.

I will greatly appreciate if anyone can hint me on what should I do.


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