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Marc Battyani marc.battyani at fractalconcept.com
Fri Jun 8 06:16:56 CDT 2001

Hi Nick,

> I'd be interested in people's opinions of this site.

I played a little with it. Nice, simple, easy to understand. Too much
"Please register" nagging ;-)

> I originally did the work with a possible commercial demo in mind; the
> demo never materialised so I converted the site into something more
> "academic", bought a domain, started the server and left it
> running. It's been up for a few months but doesn't get much traffic,
> so I'd appreciate it if everyone would visit the site simultaneously
> and then I can see how it stands up to load. (Ha!)
I tried it
> My intentions in producing this site (other than the commercial
> possibilities) were:
> i) to explore the limits of web presentation without use of graphics
> ii) to write a search engine and discover where the pain lay
> iii) to do it all in lisp (of course)
> The end results have been fun to play with. The code needs a little
> cleaning up, which I hope to do in the next month or so, after which I
> will be happy to open-source it. Please let me know if you have any
> interest in me doing this, otherwise I'll find something else to do
> with my time. For now, apart from the brief extract under "Help", I'll
> include the source for one of the pages below. (You'll see that -
> wonderful as closures are - I didn't bother to use them to preserve
> state.)

a few questions:

-Why didn't you use an html-gen like approach for writing html instead of
the with-* approach ?
That is

instead of

   (:title "hello"))
  (:p "today is the " *current-day*

If you want to hide the HTML syntax you could use your own tags instead of
:html, :body etc...

-What performance do you get with your Lisp search engine vs a classic one

-As I've written mod_lisp which works the same way as you do with Apache, I
would be interested to hear from you about this. Do you reuse the socket ?
(I do this now in mod_lisp 2.0 and found a very big performance
improvement), what protocol do you use for the Lisp <=> Apache



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