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Harley Gorrell harley at world.std.com
Fri Jun 8 12:07:39 CDT 2001

Dr Nick Levine <n.levine at anglia.ac.uk> writes:
> I personally do not approve of unreadable html. 

On 8 Jun 2001, Christian Nyb wrote:
> Would you elaborate on that?  It's not that hard for a
> user who wants to read the html to pipe it through tidy
> [...]

   I dont know Dr. Levine's reasons, but mine are:

* I can express my intentions better.  If I am debugging
  items which are similar to one another similarly formatted.

* Reformatting with tidy is not hard, but neither is generating
  tidy output. (but see below)

* Pride.  I like for my work to look nice.

  However, I dont generate 'indented' html, like tidy, but I
do put lots of line breaks and some comments in the output.


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