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Dr Nick Levine n.levine at anglia.ac.uk
Mon Jun 11 03:35:36 CDT 2001

   Dr Nick Levine <n.levine at anglia.ac.uk> writes:
   > I personally do not approve of unreadable html. 

   On 8 Jun 2001, Christian Nyb wrote:
   > Would you elaborate on that?  It's not that hard for a
   > user who wants to read the html to pipe it through tidy
   > [...]

      I dont know Dr. Levine's reasons, but mine are:

   * I can express my intentions better.  If I am debugging
     items which are similar to one another similarly formatted.

   * Reformatting with tidy is not hard, but neither is generating
     tidy output. (but see below)

Indeed. Nobody looks at the html unless they need to extract
information from it (to figure out why something isn't working for
them, to figure out how something was done so they can do that too,
whatever). It doesn't cost much to do them a kindness and make that
information more accessible. OK, there's additional download cost (but
not that much, and given the site has no graphics it really is small
change). Also there's additional computational cost generating the
pages, but again it's really not significant. So why not?

   * Pride.  I like for my work to look nice.


     However, I dont generate 'indented' html, like tidy, but I
   do put lots of line breaks and some comments in the output.

Somebody mentioned http://groups.yahoo.com/group/peditors/message/10603
- try reading the html from that to find out how the page is put


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