[Lispweb] Mod_lisp 2.0 released

thi ttn at revel.glug.org
Mon Jun 18 02:44:09 CDT 2001

   From: "Andrew K. Wolven" <awolven at redfernlane.org>
   Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 02:14:59 -0500

   It is important to me that you note that I am not slamming Marc's
   work.  I am slamming the fact that he insults the lisp community by
   perpetrating the idea that marketability through buzzwords implies
   value.  I think that it is sleazy that he would go around telling
   customers that they should go with apache vs. a native lisp webserver
   beacause it saves time.  This is not service, it is a scam.

some employers save time by roughing it on the quality axis; this is
well known on this list, i would guess.  generally, amongst outwardly
similar organizations, there is great variation in time scale, expertise
distribution, internal cohesion, and political turmoil.  this is because
organizations, unlike defmacro expansions, are not generated by design
but rather grown by imperfectly-aligned accretion.  tool adoption is one
way to fill in gaps, so it's not surprising to find toolsets that are
congruent to these imperfections and still functional.  congruence is a
quality metric.

a scam is a form of service.


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