[Lispweb] Mod_lisp 2.0 released

Matt Curtin cmcurtin at interhack.net
Mon Jun 18 08:55:02 CDT 2001

>>>>> "AKW" == Andrew K Wolven <awolven at redfernlane.org> writes:

[Complimentary remarks for the mod_lisp effort deleted.]

  AKW> However, I think that the design reasons that you have
  AKW> described above are full of hot air and that's why you have to
  AKW> add steel cables to keep your balloon from floating off.

You neglect to consider that the cost of entry is a very serious issue
that prevents people from implementing things in Lisp.

Look, the fact of the matter is that we're not using Lisp machines.
We're using C machines.  If we're lucky, we're using Unix.

So, yeah, you can debate endlessly about the Technical Merits(tm) of
using an All-Lisp Solution, but while you do that, people are solving
their problems in Perl.  The Lisp community in general would do well
to quit being so bloody enamored with itself.  Endless contemplation
of one's own perfection leads only to an early death, as so well
demonstrated by Narcissus.

  AKW> Simply have your lisp [application] server emit the correct url
  AKW> to the static content.

In which case, you're now managing *two* HTTP servers, reimplementing
the features of one in the other that you get to maintain all by
yourself, unless you happen to have spent the freaking $10,000 that it
costs to get a copy of Allegro CL for Unix.  I can't believe that
people seriously consider this to be a viable solution for people who
aren't already heavily invested in Lisp.  If Lisp is only useful for
people already invested in it, I guess we've pretty well just
castrated ourselves and decided where Lisp dies.

mod_lisp, even if technically imperfect, is a Good Thing, if for no
other reason that it makes using Lisp a viable option where it once

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