[Lispweb] Mod_lisp 2.0 released

Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Tue Jun 19 14:37:03 CDT 2001

John Foderaro <jkf at franz.com> writes:

>  Your list of advantages focused on the advantages of using mod_lisp
> over having two independent web servers: Apache for static content
> and a Lisp web server for dynamic content.
>  Let's assume that we've decided to go with a shim model with some
> standard web server out front and a Lisp application behind the scenes.
> I'd like to see a list of concrete advantages of mod_lisp over mod_proxy.

Rather than do compare/contrast between all of these mechanisms, let
me propose what I think would be the ideal configuration for a web
application server for CL.

1. Appserver framework that has a plugin API for servers.  It should
   allow more than one server plugin to be in effect at any time.

2. A mod_lisp server plugin.

3. A mod_webapp server plugin.

4. A cgi based mod_lisp or mod_webapp(WARP) protocol shim, as opposed
   to module, which will allows more portability between web server.

5. Allegroserve and/or CL webserver server plugin for standalone
   use,or use thru mod_proxy.

Some reasons I would want to preserve the mod_webapp or mod_lisp

1. Already in use.
2. Pretending your a Java servlet has an irresistable charm.
3. Both use persistent sockets already without requiring any extra
4. I don't have Allegroserve ported to CMUCL yet.

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