[Lispweb] Mod_lisp 2.0 released

Marc Battyani marc.battyani at fractalconcept.com
Tue Jun 19 15:27:29 CDT 2001

Craig Brozefsky <craig at red-bean.com> writes:

> I fail to see how moving from a shim to an integral webserver
> constitutes rewriting the entire application.
> Also, considering the volume of online stores using the "shim" model,
> such as the Apple store, I'm not sure you have made a strong
> connection between the use of the shim and scalability in these real
> world applications.
> To turn the tides here.  I think you'll find that unless you're using
> a process-level load-balancer (something that these "shims" often do)
> that the MP capabilities of the available CL implementations will
> become your bottleneck.  In fact, for our application, the MP support
> in x86 CMUCL is more of an issue than the overhead per HTTP connection
> of going thru a shim.

I do agree here. Correct me if my assumption is false, but I don't think
that there is a good multi-processing Lisp implementation. (i.e. able to use
efficiently a multiprocessor server) This is why I think that the load
balancing must be implemented in mod_lisp.
I've said in comp.lang.lisp that I wanted to add load balancing features in
mod_lisp 3.0 but got no echoes so far. If people in this list are interested
we could discuss about load balancing here.


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