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Andrew K. Wolven awolven at redfernlane.org
Thu Jun 28 16:07:58 CDT 2001

Marc Battyani wrote:

> Bruce ONeel writes :
> > In TidBITS#585/25-Jun-01 at http://www.tidbits.com/
> > there is the second of two parts about WebObjects, which,
> > could be exactly how one could use Lisp and mod_lisp in a
> > web app as well.  Nice overview.
> I've read it. It's interesting, but I don't fully agree with his evolution
> path. In particular on the best way to manage the HTML interface.
> For him the ultimate evolution is to have the interface written by HTML guys
> with special tags processed by the application.
> I think it's much more powerful to have it generated by Lisp with macros
> like html-gen (from Franz) and to use parse-html (also from Franz) to
> convert the work of the HTML guys into a form usable by Lisp. So that we can
> embbed more elaborated code in the HTML than only replacing tags. Note that
> the old mode of operation can still be supported but we are not limited to
> it.

I agree.  This is how I do it in order to interface with other developers.  It
often involves removal of a bunch of garbage tags, though.


> I would be interested to know what other people using Lisp to do web app
> think about this point.
> Marc
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