[Lispweb] BRL 2.1.23: performance boost; new HTTP functions; better manual

brlewis@alum.mit.edu brlewis at alum.mit.edu
Mon Mar 12 08:10:36 CST 2001

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BRL 2.1.23 released 2000-03-12

	* In the course of making code more readable, performance was
	accidentally improved by about 20%.

	* New procedures: brl-content-type!, brl-http-redirect! and
	brl-http-header!  These are documented in the manual, as are
	some previously undocumented ones, notably brl-tcp-socket.

	* The manual has been expanded with simpler examples in
	response to feedback from a BRL workshop at MIT.

	* Much work has been done to make the manual more suitable for
	those who are evaluating BRL vs other systems, while still
	preserving its usefulness as a tutorial and reference.

BRL is a language designed for server-side WWW-based applications,
particularly database applications. It is based on Scheme, which makes
the syntax extremely simple yet powerful. This implementation is a
Java Servlet using the Kawa Scheme compiler.  For more information see
the BRL manual:

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