[Lispweb] how do I get mod_webapp configured? I am trying to get imho running

Marc Battyani Marc_Battyani at wanadoo.fr
Sun Feb 24 10:44:31 CST 2002

Why don't you use mod_lisp ?
It work the same way than mod_webapp but uses a Lisp friendly protocol.
There are CMLCL examples for using it.

If you want to look at it it's here :

I will release the version 2.1 in a few days


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Subject: [Lispweb] how do I get mod_webapp configured? I am trying to get
imho running

> to get mod_webapp configured I followed these directions:
> ALL.txt
> and I can almost get it to work.  The problem is with WebAppDeploy or
> WebAppConnection, here are the 2 lines in question:
> WebAppConnection imho warp localhost:8008
> WebAppDeploy     test1    imho /test1
> I get an invalid virtual host name error on WebAppDeploy, if I comment it
> out everything is fine, any ideas?  The error I get is "Invalid virtual
> name" when I run "apachectl configtest".
> I am running freebsd 4.5 with cmucl 18c from ports is there anything else
> out there waiting to bite me?   And how do I set up imho/cmucl server.
> I am trying to use this to help me learn lisp, it looks like fun.
> marc
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