[Lispweb] IMHO: popup-list

Erik Enge erik at thingamy.net
Mon Feb 25 21:12:14 CST 2002

Hi, gang.

I want to use the popup-list form-element IMHO offers.  In the
documentation of the initarg items, it says:

         assoc list, or function returning alist, of items appearing
         in the list

Fine.  So, I assume, then, that this should work:

        (defun some-items ()
         '(("1" . ("2" . ()))))

         :type popup-list
         :initargs (:items #'some-items))

However, I get the error message:

         FUNCTION is not of type LIST

>From the source (form-elements.lisp) I can tell that one does not even
look to see if the slot items can contain a function and assumes it is
a list (which explains the error).

So, which is right, documentation or code?  Patches accepted?


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