[Lispweb] IMHO: popup-list

Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Tue Feb 26 14:00:19 CST 2002

Marco Antoniotti <marcoxa at cs.nyu.edu> writes:

> I.e. an a-list is always to be thought as
>      ((item1 . content1) (item2 . content2) ...)
> Anyway, this begs the question: why a-lists and not HASH-TABLEs?

When was the last time a sane hacker drew a popup list that was big
enough to warrant a hash table to store it's key value pairs, and even
then you're normally massaging you're data in such hash tables into
values suitable for display, so you might as well just build an alist
with a maphash.  

I don't think our business insurance would cover the encouragment of
such user abuse.

You all should check out auto-list and imho::make-list-driver in
form-elements.  We use it quite a bit in our apps.

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