[Lispweb] professional lisp windows applications.

Reini Urban rurban at x-ray.at
Sat Mar 2 07:30:06 CST 2002

alvaro schrieb:
>  I am looking to develop professional lisp applications with sql (like
> mysql) under Windows, what lisp implementation recomends me to work?. I
> have seen LLW and Corman Lisp under windows, but they are limited to
> Personal use.

wrong. you may buy a license for professional use.
I recommend ACL, LLW and Corman. Corman is by far the cheapest from these

For free is only CLISP and some "simplier" lisps usually not covered here 
(see http://www.lisp.org or news:comp.lang.scheme). 
someday CMUCL/SBCL will work under windows also as I heard privately.
Reini Urban

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