[Lispweb] professional lisp windows applications.

Dr. Edmund Weitz edi at agharta.de
Sat Mar 2 08:52:55 CST 2002

"alvaro" <alvarito at gmx.net> writes:

>  I am looking to develop professional lisp applications with sql
>  (like mysql) under Windows , what lisp implementation recomends me
>  to work?. I have seen LLW and Corman Lisp under windows, but they
>  are limited to Personal use.

If you want to use an SQL database from Windows, you have these
choices AFAIK:

1. Buy a license from Franz for AllegroCL plus Allegro ODBC, see


2. Buy the Enterprise Edition of LispWorks from Xanalys which includes
   SQL/ODBC libraries, see


3. Buy a license for CormanLisp and use it together with SQL-ODBC, see


4. Or see how far you can get with UncommonSQL, see


   (It was designed with CMUCL and Unix in mind and works great
   there. I'm not sure if/how it works on Windows.)



Dr. Edmund Weitz

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