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Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Mon Mar 4 13:33:21 CST 2002

Ram Krishnan <rkris at mac.com> writes:

> Actually, there *are* a few things that keep USQL/ODCL from building
> cleanly (as in out of the box) under LispWorks Personal on Windows. I
> suspect that the maintainers have not kept up with the more recent
> releases of Lispworks.

Indeed.  We do not actually use windoze.  I think we DO have one
windoze box in the office somewhere, but not sure where.  It doesn't
have LW for Windoze tho, so even then it would not help much.

Makes me think we should put together some simple regression tests
that can be run on various platforms against various DBs so that we
can keep track of what all is going on and what is supported.

> A friend of mine and I just finished making a bunch of changes, that
> we're getting ready to send to the authors, which will hopefully get
> the CVS version building cleanly. We're also writing up some
> documentation on what we did, which we were planning to post on c.l.l,
> lispweb and lisp-hug in the next few days.

Oh goodie.  Looking forward to seeing them.

The documentation in particular would be greatly appreciated.

It's becoming apparent that I need to rethink the maintainership of
USQL in order to support work beyond what use "primary authors" (for
lack of a better term) are using it for now that it seems to be
collecting a wider user base.  It's a GOOD problem to have.

I was thinking:

* USQL-help/dev mailing list(s)
* Try and find some marks, err I mean volunteers, to maintain USQL
  drivers/ports which we don't have internally, provide them with CVS
* Find a documentation coordinator.
* Expanded USQL website        

Suggestions appreciated.

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