[Lispweb] getting UncommonSQL working in LispWorks on windows

Scott D. Kalter mithril at brandx.net
Fri Mar 8 14:56:07 CST 2002

We're evaluating the LispWorks environment on Windows2000 and WindowsXP 
and we wanted to try UncommonSQL to connect to the postgresql server 
from RedHat cygwin.  Although it didn't all work "out-of-the-box", we 
did eventually get it working.  For those that wish to follow in our 
footsteps, we've put together a webpage describing what is needed.  Soon 
the UncommonSQL sources should get patched to make this even simpler to 
get working.

The web page is


So far, we are quite happy with how well the combination seems to be 

-Scott D. Kalter
-Ram Krishnan

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