[Lispweb] Re: Problem installing portableaserve

Eric Marsden emarsden at laas.fr
Tue Mar 12 11:38:58 CST 2002

>>>>> "jp" == John Pontious <pontious at interhack.net> writes:

  jp> Unknown foreign symbol: "setuid" If I exit out and come back I get
  jp> a much briefer interaction with the top level (stuff is already
  jp> compiled..) and the whole mess looks like this:

the problem is that the CMUCL runtime for FreeBSD isn't linked with
setuid. I don't think foreign loading works very well on CMUCL for
FreeBSD currently.

Since the use of these calls is conditionalized on a unix platform,
you can partially get around this problem by pretending you're not
running on Unix, for example with 

 USER> (let ((*features* (remove :unix *features*))) (load "INSTALL"))

This may break other stuff, but aserve at least works partially.
Eric Marsden                          <URL:http://www.laas.fr/~emarsden/>

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