[Lispweb] Webactions in Portable AllegroServe

Kevin Rosenberg kevin at rosenberg.net
Mon Apr 26 11:58:36 CDT 2004

Ivan Toshkov wrote:
> SBCL.  I had to tweak portableaserve a little, so that I can compile
> and run webactions and I've included the patch to the latest CVS (as
> of April 26, 2004).

Thanks for the patch, I'll review it and can apply it to CVS.

> So, anybody else tried webactions and want to share their experience?

I use webactions with Allegro on for the Meme web site:
http://meme.b9.com. It's worked out well for handling logins and
transparently following pages. For example, to search on Meme requires
a user to be logged in. So, my map entry for search is:
  ("search" action-check-login action-search "search.clp")

With that, the user is prompted to logged in if they are not already
logged in and then and the results of any pending searches are
computed, then the result page is displayed. So, the action-check-login
doesn't need to know where to direct after after the login is
performed and the action-search can just assume that a there is valid
user login for extracting the preferences of the user.


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