[Lispweb] The Common Lisp Directory turns 1

Marc Battyani Marc.Battyani at fractalconcept.com
Fri Dec 15 10:56:29 CST 2006

Today is the first birthday of the Common Lisp Directory!

First I want to thank all the people who have submitted entries to it, with 
special thanks to Paolo Amoroso who have submitted the majority of them. So 
thanks guys and please go on! :)
As of today the CLD has 1017 entries including 522 libraries/software, 170 
documents and 270 people. It also has 794 registered users.

The CLD is here: www.cl-user.net

Some bits of history:
The Common Lisp Directory started as a reaction to the Reddit's failure to 
use Common Lisp:
Reddit: Let's rewrite a better one in Common Lisp.

Then a few days later this evolved into what is now the CLD:
The Common Lisp Directory: Day 1

It is interesting to notice that one year later, it is still the same Lisp 
process that is running. The project has evolved from Linkit to the CLD 
without ever quitting the Lisp process. It has never crashed, even though 
the application and the CLOS classes have changed a lot of times. In the 
same time, I had to restart several times the Apache process and reboot a 
lot of time the 3COM firewall router in front of the server.

At the time I'm writing this, after one year and 7 days, the same Lisp 
process has served 111 977 267 HTTP requests.

For those interested, here is some information on the Common Lisp Directory 

Hardware: 1GB Dual Intel Xeon 2.80GHz Debian box.
Software: Apache+mod_lisp+Lispworks 4.4.6
111 977 267 HTTP requests served by the same Lisp process with a max at 930K 

When I find some spare time, I will open the CLD to modifications by anybody 
but still with a validation process to avoid spam.
Improving the CLD usability would also be a good thing but I'm not a 
designer so alternative designs and/or styles are welcomed.
Any other suggestions?


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