[Lispweb] production setup

Damir Horvat damir at x-si.org
Mon Oct 2 07:06:20 CDT 2006

Hi folks!

I'd like to know what is your preffered web development environment? 

I have tryed UCW both on Cmucl (FreeBSD) and SBCL (Linux). Works nice on
SBCL setup, but it's kinda tough for a beginner like me.

Next I've tryed KPAX on Cmucl (FreeBSD) - had some lenghty delays while
processing requests. Sven kindly explained KPAX works best with
LispWorks. So I've installed LW Personal Edition on 2.6 Linux, added
KPAX and it works nice. Problem is, I don't have money to buy LW
Professional... So this is not an option for me...

So I ask here, what is your preferred _free_ setup for web development
using Lisp, which you also consider production ready?
Are you using SQL or some in-memory database?


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