[Lispweb] production setup

Remco Gerlich remco at gerlich.nl
Mon Oct 2 07:35:31 CDT 2006

Richard Newman wrote:

>I've had a lot of success with SBCL + Linux + Araneida. 
That's interesting. I started looking into using Lisp (in that exact 
combination) for the web a while ago, and I've been lurking here for 
some months. Unfortunately, I had some difficulties, lack of time, I had 
to drop it for a while.

But one of the things that was unclear to me is - how do you run 
something like SBCL + Araneida in production? Do you have start/stop 
scripts? How do you connect with slime to a running sbcl?

Could you perhaps share some hints, or useful links? In a few months, 
I'll start building some new web things for myself, and Lisp is still a 
good option, if I can convince myself that it can really work for 
production use :-)

Remco Gerlich

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