[Lispweb] production setup

Richard Newman r.newman at reading.ac.uk
Mon Oct 2 07:40:29 CDT 2006

The common approach is to run it at a REPL inside screen or  
detachtty. You then have a normal Lisp session that persists when you  
logout. All of your normal development practices apply.

I've had success running it behind pound (so you don't have to run as  
root), using thttpd to serve up static content. I never stop my  
servers, so all you'd need would be a mommy to start up again.

On  2 Oct 2006, at 1:35 PM, Remco Gerlich wrote:

> Richard Newman wrote:
>> I've had a lot of success with SBCL + Linux + Araneida.
> That's interesting. I started looking into using Lisp (in that exact
> combination) for the web a while ago, and I've been lurking here for
> some months. Unfortunately, I had some difficulties, lack of time,  
> I had
> to drop it for a while.
> But one of the things that was unclear to me is - how do you run
> something like SBCL + Araneida in production? Do you have start/stop
> scripts? How do you connect with slime to a running sbcl?
> Could you perhaps share some hints, or useful links? In a few months,
> I'll start building some new web things for myself, and Lisp is  
> still a
> good option, if I can convince myself that it can really work for
> production use :-)
> Remco Gerlich

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