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Richard Newman r.newman at reading.ac.uk
Thu Oct 5 10:24:35 CDT 2006

When you use Perl, PHP, or C to serve pages, you're using CGI (or  
similar features in Apache).

Apache receives HTTP requests, and starts up the Perl script to  
generate a page.

It's possible to do something similar with Lisp; search for "mod_lisp".

However, most Lisp web applications get rid of Apache from this   
equation. The Lisp application handles the entire HTTP request; you  
don't tear down the application between requests any more than you  
restart Apache each time you serve a page.

Both Araneida and (Portable) AllegroServe provide complete web  
stacks; run Lisp, load them, start a server, and it'll start handling  

You can, if you wish, run your Lisp application behind Apache, but  
this is only really worthwhile if you wish to use Apache to serve  
other pages. There are other solutions, too; see http://apsis.ch/ 
pound and THTTPD.

Furthermore, if you want to do something PHP-like (i.e., a single  
page mixing HTML and code), try



On  5 Oct 2006, at 2:14 PM, Andre Camargo Fernandes wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to Lisp, I did read some Lisp books but none of those  
> explained how to develop and serve LISP Web Pages. I´ve seen there 
> ´s the araneida project, but I am a lot lost yet.
> Is there a tutorial on developing web pages in lisp (I mean, for  
> programmers of other languages, rather than for Lisp hackers)? I  
> wanna try Lisp at my webpages and maybe at work too, I use PHP,  
> perl and C/C++ right now, so I already know about web programming  
> but I could not create a Lisp program, except when running inside  
> Lisp environment (what was not bad, but not what I needed), so how  
> could I create a Lisp Web page, compile it and run it in a server  
> (Apache, for example).
> Actually I work with “Lisp in a box” with CLisp in windows.
> Is there a way to compile a lisp program to run outside the lisp  
> environment?
> Thanks in advance for any answer,
> Andre.
> PS: I am sorry for my poor writing English, I hope it is not too bad.
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