[Lispweb] extending Allegroserve time-out period

Kamen TOMOV kamen at cybuild.com
Fri Oct 13 10:21:36 CDT 2006

On четвъртък, Октомври 12 2006, Lawrence Au wrote:

> Kamen,
>     Thanks for the link!
> It clears up many issues regarding timeouts.
> Is there a way to get PortableAserve on Lispworks to run the
> ACL 6.1 way rather than the ACL 6.0 way?
> I've noticed that the *http-response-timeout*
> defaults to 120,  which is associated with the
> ACL 6.0 way.  I've set *http-response-timeout*
> to be much higher,  480,  with good results,
> but basing timeouts on individual socket
> operations as supported by ACL 6.1 seems a much better
> design.

Hi Lawrence,

You're welcome. It seems to me that the extended capabilities apply
only for the new version of ACL. I have no idea how Lispworks would
handle that.



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