[Lispweb] A newbie start...?

Anton Vodonosov vodonosov at mail.ru
Sat Oct 21 16:47:25 CDT 2006

Hi Andre!

First of all, let me assure you, your English is excellent.
At least, my yours understand : ))

Second of all, I'm a newbie too, and I'm under Windows.
So, I can share some experience.

1) Yes, it is possible to create web applications using open
   source lisp tools under Windows.
2) I tried to use PortableAllegroServe with clisp under Windows.
    It doesn't work. After that I've installed FreeBSD on
    virtual machine, installed SBCL and tried PortableAllegroServe
    in this configuration. It doesn't work.
3) "The simpler the better" I decided. CGI is the way try.
    Currently I successfully use the following toolset:

    ms windows xp - for operation system,
    clisp - for lisp implementation,
    lisp-cgi-utils - for CGI stuff
    lml2 - for HTML generation (http://lml2.b9.com/)
    pg - for database (PostrgreSQL) interaction

    (If you want to use international characters in
     your web application, it's necessary to fix lisp-cgi-utils
     slightly. The solution exists, but Alexander Schreiber, the
     lisp-cgi-utils author is quite busy and hasn't integrated
     it yet. Your can contact me if your need international
    characters support)

4) Few days ago I found that the araneida web server
    successfully loads into clisp on windows and seems
    to work just well. So I hope to migrate to araneida soon.

>Is there a way to compile a lisp program to run outside the lisp

Of course, but it depends on implementation you use. See the -M option
in the doc/clisp.html file in the clisp distribution.

Good luck!


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