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Jason S Cornez jcornez at alum.mit.edu
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Hello and welcome.

I don't use dbase IV, but if it supports an ODBC interface then you can
use the Franz ODBC access to connect to it.  If not, then you'll likely
need to write your own access library (assuming that no one else has).
This would access dbase IV over a socket or using a C api.

A final note is that the database access would be independent of
allegroserve, which is a web server.  That is to say, you access the
database from lisp whether or not you use a web server and whether or
not the web server is allegroserve.

- -Jason

George Erick Tasso wrote:
> Hello all. My name is George Erick Tasso. I am working for the Reserve
> Bank of Vanuatu.
> ?Vanuatu? - that is a small island state east  of Australia.
> I have recently picked up lisp  as result of  reading too much  Paul
> Graham.  Peter Siebel has  done  more to helping newbie than Mr. Graham
> - but i guess you need people to fireup imagination as well.
> I am using allegroserve on  allegro 8 express edition fron franz inc.
> I am trying to connect to dbase IV database. Any pointers to how i
> should be able to do that using Allegroserve.
> thanks
> George
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