[Lispweb] serving very large files from allegroserve

Nick Levine ndl at ravenbrook.com
Thu May 3 06:07:12 CDT 2007

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      So allegroserve offers a global timeout for the whole request
      (which defaults to 300 seconds if you're also doing timeout
      on each I/O).   If you know you'll be sending things that
      could take a long long time then feel free to change
      the 300 to a huge value. You're still protected by the timeout
      on I/O which will ensure that some progress gets made ever
      N seconds (default 120).

   Ah, well I'm not sure that was clear from the doc but thanks for the
   tip, I guess I need to do a separate publish on the audio files.

OK I give up. Where is this set?

For instance, I publish the root for ilc07.org via

  (publish-directory :host *ilc-vhost-names*
		     :prefix "/"
		     :destination "/home/alu/ilc/www/)

which gives me a DIRECTORY-ENTITY. I inspect that and its timeout slot
has value 8640000. Comforting in that it corresponds to what my copy
of source said would happen. But it doesn't explain where the 300 is
that I want to overwrite.

- nick

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