[Mozilla-PDX] Collective Agency

Dietrich Ayala autonome at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 13:01:42 CDT 2011

Collective Agency is a co-working space in Old Town. I've been talking
to the folks that run it about having some kind of Mozilla sponsorship
in exchange for some use of the place for PDX Mozillians.

They're intent on keeping the space in use by the broader community,
and not by insular groups like startups, etc. None of our work really
overlaps very much, so we're pretty much ok there :) But the idea is
that it's a place where people can talk to each other and interact
with others in the tech community. People are encouraged to have
conversations in the main area, and phone calls, etc. If you think
that you'd likely put your headphones on when you got there in the
morning and remove them in the evening when you leave, then it's
probably not the place for you.

My questions for you:

* Are you interested?
* How often would you come down to an open space like this, if it were
* What would you use it for? Meetings? Normal work hours?

If you do not reply to this email, I'll assume you're not interested
and wouldn't use the space.



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