[Mozilla-PDX] host a friend from Chrome team?

Taras Glek tglek at mozilla.com
Tue Nov 6 12:39:21 CST 2012

People of pdx,
My friend, Gavin Peters, is visiting Portland again on Nov 29. Would 
someone be able to host him for a night or two(he has some sort of a 
flexible return ticket)? He is an accomplished hacker on the Chrome team 
who loves chatting about all things web-related. Would be great if we 
could find a Mozilla hacker to host him.
Originally the plan was to have him stay at my place, but I managed to 
book a family trip that conflicts with Gavin's visit because I'm a bad 
Last time he came over, came to work at coag. We had some great 
conversations and beers after. Would be great if someone could host 
Gavin in a similar fashion.

Any takers?

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