SVN BOOK 1.2 is still under progress?

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Mon May 8 07:31:15 CDT 2006

I asked the authors if we were, in fact, ready for the 1.2 tag.  Apparently,
the only known remaining task is some work in chapter 9.  So how about we do

   * we create the Italian translation tree as a copy the current English

   * you guys start working, but stay away from chapter 9.

   * once the 1.2 tag is created, we merge all the changes which occured
     on trunk/src/en between your branchpoint and the tagged revision,
     allowing you to say with confidence that you are translating the 1.2
     version of the book.

If that's cool with you guys (and if the 1.2 tag doesn't happen before your
response), I'll get you set up.

Nebiac wrote:
> OK, thank you for your quick answer. I/We wait news from you.
> Personally I will be out of the office from tomorrow morning until next
> monday morning,
> I just notified this to you to explain why I will not reply to your mail.
> Of course, my absence is not a problem: the IT translation team will be
> always ready to start :-)!
> We all keep warm fingers!
> Have a good day
> best regards
> Federico Nebiacolombo
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> Nebiac wrote:
>>Dear Pilato,
>>                 I think you can remember about me and all IT
>>Translation Team (arg!!!:-)
>>I simply write to check with you the status of the work related to svn
>>book 1.2 (stable version).
>>Checking at and digging at
>>mail list, we have evidence
>>that it is still under dev status, isn't it?
> Yeah, I think there's one last thing for Fitz to do.  But I seem to recall
> in casual conversation with him that he was cool with us moving on without
> it.  So let me check with the boyz today and see if we can't tag and move
> on.
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