SVN BOOK 1.2 is still under progress?

Nebiac cint1 at
Fri May 5 07:05:47 CDT 2006

Dear Pilato, 
                 I think you can remember about me and all IT Translation Team (arg!!!:-)
I simply write to check with you the status of the work related to svn book 1.2 (stable version).
Checking at and digging at mail list, we have evidence 
that it is still under dev status, isn't it?

>From a mail received on 27-3-2006:
>I agree wholly.  And if you hold off for just a couple of weeks, that next
>stable version (1.2) will be completed.
>Let me know if you want to base off of 1.1, or wait the couple of weeks
>until 1.2 is ready.  We don't use branches, per se.  What we'll do is:
>  svn copy http://.../tags/en-1.2-final/src/en \
>          http://.../trunk/src/it \
>         -m "Create IT translation with EN 1.2 as the baseline"

I perfectly understand that this can require still some (or a lot?) of time, I write to you simply to 
verify if I missed some important news about the possibility to start our work.
As intermediate solution can we think to 'svn copy' the actual status of 1.2 and start translation with
some warning (if possible) about which chapter are still under under dev (so we do not translate them now)?

As time passes, and works does not starts, the risk of team death arises...we can resist,
after all, svn book community is working hard (not us:-).

best regards from 
Federico Nebiacolombo and all SVN BOOK-IT translation team!
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