SVN BOOK 1.2 is still under progress?

Nebiac cint1 at
Mon May 8 02:43:36 CDT 2006

OK, thank you for your quick answer. I/We wait news from you.
Personally I will be out of the office from tomorrow morning until next
monday morning,
I just notified this to you to explain why I will not reply to your mail.
Of course, my absence is not a problem: the IT translation team will be
always ready to start :-)!
We all keep warm fingers!

Have a good day
best regards
Federico Nebiacolombo

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Nebiac wrote:
> Dear Pilato,
>                  I think you can remember about me and all IT
> Translation Team (arg!!!:-)
> I simply write to check with you the status of the work related to svn
> book 1.2 (stable version).
> Checking at and digging at
> mail list, we have evidence
> that it is still under dev status, isn't it?

Yeah, I think there's one last thing for Fitz to do.  But I seem to recall
in casual conversation with him that he was cool with us moving on without
it.  So let me check with the boyz today and see if we can't tag and move

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