R: [svnbook commit] r2171 - trunk/src/it

Federico Nebiacolombo federico.nebiacolombo at softeco.it
Thu May 25 09:27:56 CDT 2006

ok , sorry for it log messages, but I was thinking that only on it branch
this could be possible,
I prefectly understand your/community point of view: src content will be in
italian language but at least
log messages will be understable from everyone (if knows english:-).

I had some troubles using jsvn, so actually I'am using svn command line and
(of course:-)
all is ok.
Actully I changed log msessages only to How-to-join-SVN-BOOK-IT.txt but I
took a note
about doing this personally to all other already commited files.

Sorry if log messages will not be in perfect english: I/we will be best of


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> nebiac wrote:
> > Author: nebiac
> > Date: Thu May 25 02:21:54 2006
> > New Revision: 2171
> >
> > Modified:
> >    trunk/src/it/How-to-join-SVN-BOOK-IT.txt
> >
> > Log:
> > introdotti i rf. alla mail list svn-it ed altri aggiornamenti
> Guys, I need to ask that you keep your Subversion log messages in English
> (and change all messages previously composed in Italian ones).  While the
> book itself is in Italian, the log messages are for the benefit
> for everyone
> involved with the book, and should be in English.
> If you need help fixing old log messages, let me know.  Using the 'svn'
> command-line tool, you should be able to run 'svn log' (in an up-to-date
> working copy) to see which revisions have Italian log messages,
> and then use
> 'svn propedit -rREV --revprop svn:log' on edit REV.  If you are
> using a GUI
> or IDE plugin, those instructions may vary a bit.
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