R: R: Is anyone moderating the svn-it@ list?

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at red-bean.com
Tue May 27 09:54:05 CDT 2008

> Hi Michael,
>  >So, if nobody is moderating it, that means that anyone who is *not* a
>  >subscriber and also *not* in the "allowed posters" list is essentially
>  >sending mail that nobody ever sees, right? 
> Yes, it is true, I never had input or password to moderate list, 
> probably is a my fault.

Okay, that's fine.  Just wanted to see what the status was.

>  > That would
>  >certainly save our server the trouble of dealing with so many held 
> messages
>  >for this list.
> How many msg are waiting...2000, 20000 :-(

At one time, there were over 17,000.  Since then, we've implemented a 
nightly script that purges held messages more than 30 days old, so there are 
now 4112 messages in the queue.

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