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non parlo inglese e non capisco come fai ad avere il mio indirizzo di posta, per favore mi puoi cancellare dai tuoi contatti
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        I don't see any problem in the migration. It could be worth to have an email forwarded to
        these old mailing lists to have exact instructions about how to checkout our new working copy (e.g. will our account be cloned to the new google code project?).
        Thank you for the information.

        Matteo Tontini

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A few weeks ago, Fitz proposed relocating the svnbook source code repositoryto Google Code.  I don't recall any dissent.  But then, I don't recallanyassent, either.  :-PHere's the situation.  Today at we have all the tools we needto run this open source project.  We've got the repository, an issuetracker(Trac), wikis (Trac, MoinMoin), a mailing list (Mailman), etc.  Sadly,though, the tracker and primary wiki are effectively closed tonon-committers (you can't edit without an account, and you can't get anaccount without manual administrator intervention).  And committership isstill managed by hand edits to htpasswd files and such.  Finally, itself has had some reliability issues over the past few monthsthat -- while seemingly resolved at the moment -- could crop up
 againunexpectedly.It's this last point that (I believe) is Fitz's primary concern. It's theprevious ones -- specifically the inaccessibility of the issue tracker andwiki -- that are mine.  A migration to Google Code of the repository, issuetracking, wiki, etc. is believed to be a solution to all those problems.Fitz originally indicated that if he didn't hear dissent, he'dundertakethis migration, so technically your chance to speak up has come and gone.But Fitz is short on time, so he's handed off to me on this.  And as thiswill affect not just the book authors but all the translation teams as well,I wanted to make doubly sure that folks were in favor of (or at leastindifferent to) this change.NOTE:  My primary concerns are probably addressable in other ways.  I haveto believe that Trac has a better authn/authz subsystem (perhaps in athird-party module) now than it did in the version
 we originally deployed.Of course, that won't alleviate Fitz's primary concerns.Also, as a secondary matter, there's the question of the mailing list.  Dowe continue to use svnbook-dev a, or should we move discussion tosvnbook-dev a (which the former forwarding mail to thelatter)?  I really like the web accessibility of Google Groups, especiallysince I'm not a mail hoarder.  Finally, I'm betting that we'd getbetterspam protection from Google Groups than we have now (which is easy, since wehave none).  But do others have a preference?One final word:  I personally hope that a move to Google Code -- and theeasier administration that allows -- will encourage some of the translationteams who are working elsewhere to consider re-centering their efforts inthe same place that the English work is done.  There's no reason why oneissue tracker or Wiki can't carry the artifacts
 for all the translations.Additionally, there've been some constructive criticisms leveraged latelyabout the repository layout and general processes being disproportionatelyEnglish-version-centric -- let's iron those issues out, okay?-- C. Michael Pilato <cmpilato a> | mailing listsvn-it a red-bean.com 

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