R: Moving svnbook repository [and tracker [and wiki [and discussion]]] to Google Code

Matteo Tontini il_matte at yahoo.it
Fri Sep 26 02:22:20 CDT 2008


sure, you're right we all need a google account. You know what? I think that most of the people already have one...well, at least a gmail address.
What I think is that everytime there's some change we cannot avoid a little bit of confusion for a little period of time but it is worth having everything accessible in at least similar ways.
What I mean is: if the project is going to migrate to google code it could be easier to work with it if the info is found on google as well and google groups could be the way.
I'm talking only for myself even if I feel guilty because I'm not working on the translation since many months.


Matteo Tontini

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Ben Collins-Sussman wrote:
> Er, um, sure... but that means each person would need to make a new
> google account (associated with the existing email address).  And
> that's not what everyone necessarily wants to do.  For example, I have
> no interest creating a new 'sussman at red-bean.com' google account; 
> rather use my existing sussman at gmail.com account to commit.  There
> must be a nice process hiding in here somewhere...

Yes.  I believe its, "Hey, effective <day-of-migration> nobody has
access unless they email me from their COMMITTERS email address to inform me 
of which Google account they wanna participate with."

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