svnbook translation stuffs.

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Thu Nov 11 01:06:27 CST 2004


Tonight I setup a repository for the svnbook website:

    $ svn co svnbook

I also setup a mailing list (svnbook-www at to which you have 
been subscribed.  If you will kindly send me the username and password 
you would like to use on this repository, I will grant you commit access 
so you can keep the page up to date.  Also, you'll see 
commit mails on this list so you can know when the index.en.html page 
has changed.

I also reorganized the tree so that translation live in 
[LOCALE]/[VERSION].  For example, what were /svnbook-1.0 and 
/svnbook-1.1 are now /en/1.0 and /en/1.1.  You'll see I've already made 
an es directory.  I can't decide if I want to version the generated book 
files or not.  Fitz has strong opinions about this, but it would make 
things such that those with server access wouldn't have to drop new 
tarballs of translation snapshots.  For now, though, we'll go the 
tarball route.
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